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Value Proposition

FameLinked makes it easy for individuals to obtain corporate sponsorship for their influence. Currently, only the most famous people in the world qualify for corporate sponsorship. This causes a sponsorship gap related to the fact that there is no defined marketplace for sponsorship of all sizes. FameLinked creates a platform where individuals are free to monetize their influence.

How It’s Unique

It’s unique because the platform is entirely dedicated to finding a corporate sponsorship. It’s special because individuals and corporate sponsors get to define both their audience and target market and come together when there are synergies.

The Big Benefit

The big benefit is that it helps individuals monetize their influence. This helps them avoid the search costs of actually contacting various businesses to then propose a sponsorship agreement.

Monetize Your Fame

FameLinked makes it easy for influencers to monetize their influence. Users can create a profile and immediately start applying for sponsorships. Fill out your profile now and start connecting at www.FameLinked.com

Influencer Network

Makes it simple to connect influencers to corporate sponsors which eliminates the search costs associated with finding corporate sponsorships

Sponsorship Marketplace

Makes it simple to find and apply for corporate sponsorships. Once an influencer finds a sponsorship that fits with their influence, they can apply for the sponsorship

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